Month: May 2020

Keep Your Loved Ones Near With Re-finished Inherited Furniture

Before lockdown started, I decided to specialise my Furniture Refinishing Business to the very Niche market of Memorial, Inherited Pieces.

I’m acutely aware, from personal experience, that this is an extremely difficult time for families. None more so than during this pandemic. This is why I feel passionately that my service can be invaluable in creating a tangible memorial to lost loved ones before the opportunity is lost to landfill.

I know relatives often have a treasured item which would make the perfect keepsake bringing comfort and creating new memories in a family member or friends home. This is where I can help. I can work with funeral directors to incorporate hidden mementoes such as thumb prints , ashes etc if so wished. Signature transfers and items of clothing can also be added creating unique Forget me Not Furniture.

I’m based in Doncaster and work throughout the region. The photo above was commissioned by a lady in Retford that had belonged to her late parents. She was going to give it to the local charity shop as she didn’t think it could work in her stylish home. She now loves it all the sentiment it holds .

If I can be of help now or in the future don’t hesitate to contact me. I can help you figure out how best to preserve your loved ones memories through their treasured pieces of furniture.